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36 Daggers

(2003) Kalpa Minutes
01. From nowhere
02. Locked
03. Healer
04. You and you
05. Lift your head, pooh!
06. Blurring the right angles
07. Drummerless
08. See what you saw with your friends eyes
09. Song about the raven
10. Eugene

01. From nowhere

Secret sides you've got, found
and I don't know how, you get lost in those words,
swords and tides to concur
shields and fences to catch the meanings from your eyes...
and I never left you, I never lied
try to forget it, but you hide, all the time, all the way
I mean...
you're such a friend for
running between the lives, so you're scared
your words get shorter, but for me - sharper
think! I'll sit down for a while
just enjoy life!
and you've tried to reach me,
and your voice is hoarse
I can't leave you down there, and I don't know why
I don't care, I don't care!
If you're running blind!
just leave my meanings far aside
do you hear some sounds now?
and if you let out silent signs of real love
I'll still be there, like I was
kisses from nowhere, she said
try to get over
who can forgive, who can forgive?
"kisses from nowhere!" she said...

02. Locked

Living by the mock marvels,
life can entertain,
revealed by our ideal concrete dreams
to follow,
path of moulds, in or outside
boxes of pain,
delivered right onto the end of our aims,
and we....
we let it be, day by day
paterns emerge like its nature
and everyone got ambushed in....
with no hands left to bring offence
in their own,
in their own despising
the Truth
I don't like to hear
I don't like to hear
I don't like to hear, 'cause it hurts
words already said, the intent
words already gone
instead of false signs
and you can't copy thoughts of just being yourself
justify in the name of being myself
just being myself

03. Healer

Stop telling me that
your heroes got heroes got heroes got heroes
stabbed in the back like they don't understand
and then fall in order,
of stopped promised solutions
their death is a paper phrase,
to eat to search to find to live life
arise from illusions into deep glow of humanity
brought from dillusions sentence of creating,
kill me again and I'll change
force me past over my page,
who will learn from the waste of longin' lines
that heroes don't bring but eat death
random and usual
is it really safe
to start to bleed to over to black to eat death,
arise from illusions ready for another smile,
brourht from dillusions sentence on the end,
kill me again and I'll change,
force me past over my page,
paper has such a good taste
when death is mealting in my mouth....
the man who ate death....
my hero is the man who ate death

04. You and you

Help me! Design a perfect lie
in perfect sight of perfect eyes
and perfect ground to stand above
let me! describe with perfect words
in perfect songs about perfect worlds
clickin' time - misled from that one direction...
to put those feet on that perfect ground,
and stay inside of feelings that you might have found
through yourself when that truth starts,
it should e prepared, you should be prepared...
and I've got thoso feelings,
all about feelings of perfection
pushing up the course down
help me! embrace with perfect hugs
in a perfect house, with a perfect wife
just too far from imperfections
tickin' time - dance around the fires
when I put my feet back on that perfect ground
let out those feelings hidden inside
through myself, I'll forget
all that happiness
away, from man, and his perfect lies,
about his perfect chairs, pushing away
from mankind

signed from fire

05. Lift your head, pooh!

Of the sun again and gone
by the days of cold steel pipes
would you belive the night
rushing over burning city lights
scene of sun remains
holding sparks in a jar of raining blood
can't you believe the words written tomorrow
and left to speak the past
art of repeating learning me
to count from ten to tne
sometimes there is always
twiching always
sometimes something always
eating light, eating light
can't you ese what's eating light
what's eating light,
through my fingers on my eyes
so touch me when it's over
so touch me when it's over
I said oh touch me when it's over!!
of ghe sun again, feel the fear of car
fear of god
if I should, I'll velieve
these streets are made for us
and I'll put the night to conquer
counting city lights with words spelled
from ten to ten to ten
sometimse there is always someone
twiching someone
someone always someone
eating life, eating life
can't you tell who's eating life
who's eating life,
through those fingers on my mouth
so call me when it's over
call me when it's over
and then I bleed, then I bleed, then I bleed
with hands on, with hands on
waiting to hear it's over

06. Blurring the right angles

It seemed like some dream about dreams
and I felt it, and I felt it
like a day tended to start with a sun
and your hands wanted to hold mine
and I thought for a seconds,
your lips are mine and we are all alone,
and those skies
I can't find any star to compare it with you
cause you are all blue
and it seems like some dream about dreams
I can't define
that pulls me back
into my eagerness fro plastic reasons
just for being (shile I'm) awake
felling me that everything's allright
but I know
I want to go back into my dreams again
blessed with fictions
just for being (while'm) asleep
It's only there that I can feel all fine
when I find you....
and it seemed like river's got something to say
so it was all yellow
I saw you jump so I am in too
I am kissing you and you're...
whispering. "Why! Why can't you
rectangle my triangle world?"
as there's no words from my mouth
I'm floating down...
back to my dreams again that have dreams again
of my own illusions,
holding me and bringing me down...
down to the one we call
and it seems some dreams have their own dreams,
dreams of reality!!

07. Drummerless

Moments like the longest nights
broken strings reattached
silence breaks against the walls
and beneath there I lost my thoughts
groovy drums hurry up,
someone is far asleep
let my inspiration solve it all
got no inspiration, still go on...
moments like the longest nights
sleepy guitars in sleepy hours
sound breaks against the walls
feeling the bass lines...
and room is getting cold
no ordinary words I stole
some ordinary words we found
and wea re too loud
we are too loud
are we too loud???

08. See what you saw with your friends eyes

Merge your lives
in human order
win the efforts of playing love
bring, your kisses to sacrifice
your bodies from mortal enjoyment
and accure new lifeform
rest is in your power
only you understand yourself

09. Song about the raven

It's a song about the raven
and it's time
eye to eye captured like drawing
so, it's his turn to fly
from my window
to the rain, from my window...
it's a song about the raven
and my time
flesh and bones captured like a drawing
so it's my turn...
but I am not afraid of your time
but I am not afraid of your time
but I am not afraid of your time
this is a song about the raven

10. Eugene

"....We are the authors of ourselves,.......
This entire thing we're involved
with called the world...
is an opportunity to exhibit how
exciting alienation can be.
Life is a matter of a miracle
that is collected over time...
by moments flabbergasted to be
in each other's presence.
The world is an exam to see
if we can rise into the direct experiences.
Our eyesight is here as a test to see
if we can see beyond it.
Matter is here as a test for our curiosity.
Doubt is here as an exam for our vitality.
Thomas Mann wrote that
he would rather participate in life...
than write a hundred stories......
An assumption develops that you cannot
life and live life simultaneously.
I do not agree entirely.
Which is to say I do not exactly disagree.
I would say that life understood is life lived.
But the paradoxes bug me.
and I can learn to love and make love...
to the paradoxes that bug me.
And on really romantic evening of self,
I go salsa dancing with my confusion.
Before you drift off, don't forget.
Which is to say, remember.
Because remembering is so much more
a psychotic activity than forgetting.
Lorca in that same poem said...
that the iguana will bite those who do not dream.
And as one realizes...
that one is a dream figure...
in another person's dream.
that is self-awareness."

from "Walking Life" Richard Linklater movie