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Bijes zdravog razuma

(1995) Nula / Bijes Zdravog Razuma (split)
01. The flame
02. Use your mind
03. Hamburger nation
04. Nebo je gledalo
05. Core power
06. Find the strength in yourself
07. Homeless? hungry?
08. Represed by system
09. Stara nova igra
10. Words of anger
11. Walls
12. Change your self
13. Zašto samo lažeš?

01. The flame

The sky above my head is black, but I know the future is bright
I've chosen how will I live my life
and what's going to be my fight.
My hate towards the power, my rage and my acts
pointing to a better way
how to prove to myself.

I'm yelling and I'm screaming and my heart is full of hate
that is realy why - the flame still burns
I know I have to fight and my chances are low
but still - the flame still burns
I know I'm young and I have the strength
but when I'm old - the flame will burn

My flame is not a violent one
It's anger pointed to a cause
to spread the word about the world
where total freedom is the only rule

We're all equal and should be treated as such
understand it and you'll be the one
who can live with others sharing their freedom
practicing principles of love, peace and nonviolence.

02. Use your mind

Our evil is part of inheritage, social security forced to hate
More I look around me I see myself just a few years ago
I used to preach aggression, but now I see it in a different way
Persuasion, not the power, use your head before you act

The first man to use his fists is one with no ideas
He wonders through his one-way street driven by fears
Shallow thoughts sight his mind, make him more destructive
Stack again with a heavy thought - what the fuck I'm doing.

Use your head - not the fists
Use your mind - not the strength

You think that you're cool and strong but you're just afraid
Scared with things you can't accept, you chose to hate
Just because your mind is closed for stuff you don't get
You rush the streets, destroy the things you don't understand

03. Hamburger nation

Why have you closed your self
In a rubber room
Aren't you alone
Behind the wall

Hamburger nation

You got lost in this world
So you built your own
Hide behind the mask
Escape from the past

Watch a woman being raped
Don't blink an eye for a beaten kid
Someone's being robbed what's it to you
Invalid beggars just border you

Ignorance for everyone
Except your precious self
Are ypu stupid can't you see
This is not a way to be

04. Nebo je gledalo

Ko' da nismo tud prolaze, kao pored turskog groblja
Misle da smo svi budale, da ne vidimo tko je koga
Vapaj poslat iz daleka, raspršio se u zraku
Oglušenih dok traži pomoć, izgubio se je u mraku

Nebo je gledalo, a nije pomoglo
Ovce su blejale, karavane prolazile

Krivica tražit nema smisla, golema je masa takvih
Suci kojim treba sudit, nisu se sa vlasti makli
Podjeli pa zavladaj, od slobodnih učini roblje
Osiromaši, osakati, živima sagradi groblje

05. Core power

Equality it is the answer
for the thing i call society cancer
my question is can we learn
and are we ready for such a big turn

I know I am but how about you
can you see my point accept my view
all I'm saying is respect each other
its mind that counts not the colour

I live by this rule its my decision
I obey it cause I have a vision
a new world with no hate
so hurry up or you'll be late

when I say hardcore power
west side town hardcore power

And I live for hardcore power

06. Find the strength in yourself

Brainwash, everywhere
people serve the army
they learn how to hate
kids, taken away they give them guns, point where to aim
nationalistic countries built up their state
on invisible enemy
find... the strength... in... your self
they say, "you fight for your land" that’s a lie,
you fight for their state
a new born pride, that shouldn't exist
supported by nationalists
find... the strength... in... your self
it isn't wrong to love the place
where you were born
it's wrong when you make a religion out of it.
don’t fight for their state!

07. Homeless? hungry?

As I return to the quiet safety of my suburb,
i think about the people who don't have that privilege,
i think about the people who dont have a place to stay....

I am lucky cause i have friends. a place and some cash
but what's with people whose fortune is gone,
without friends without a home?
have you ever thought how difficult it is to survive. to remain
when you dont have a friendly arm always there ready to help?

Think about it. Do something!

People on the streets with no place to go
end up waiting in welfare lines
for poor misery that government pays
just to keep the press in place

But that's not enough. cause in the world they create
money's spent on weaponry, energy on hate... why?

Just look at the third world
people are starving in the streets
while rich get richer
the poor just get ill

In this world money rules. your worth how much you weight
and wrong people just own more, so they take the right to rule
don't let them get away. Don't let them get away with that!

08. Represed by system

Old man with power making the rules
No one can really understand
Curing their own frustrated minds
With pressing us down
To prohibit is the best they can do
Repression is their way
Something is wrong in the approach
When treating people as trash

Once I've trusted them but they lost my trust
My belief in their honesty
I persuaded my self they just do their jobs
But now I see how I was wrong
They enjoy every second when screwing me
Trying to prove to them selves
That they are the one with the power
The only one in charge

But they are wrong
Cause I'll always be free
And there is nothing they can do
to change me

Repressive system on every step
It's based on power and I hate it
Freedom of choice freedom of speech
Is what I request
For you and me and whole world
It's a higher cause
And I won't step back not one step
Until I get it

09. Stara nova igra

Zaigrajmo novu vrstu igre koja započinje danas
zaigrajmo novu vrstu igre dođi i vidi šta se dešava
pokušaj, ukoliko želiš, možda ćeš umrijeti a možda i ne
pokušaj, možda preživiš možda pobijediš, il izgubiš sve

Stara igra u novom izdanju. igra u kojoj postaješ broj
stara igra u novom izdanju, u igri prestaješ biti svoj

Tisuće igraju tisuće padaju, dvojica poteze i pravila određuju
dvojica kupuju dvojica prodaju tisuće zaigranih u rukama dvojice

Ta vrsta igre jako je glupa i ona se meni nimalo ne sviđa
ta vrsta igre mene ne privlači ratne igre nikad ne igram.

10. Words of anger

No more, I'll live
by your, fucking rules
these are the words of anger
sacred, priests
control our lives

Consider this their end

Iron doors across my road
woke my rebellion
if i am stopped on every step
i'll just start to yell
what do you think you will achieve
with making me obey
never you will break my spirit
in future or today
who gave you the right
to supervise my acts
i'm a person for my self
and sick of this crap
i'm sick of this crap

Arent you sick of their constant lies
of all the bullshit they say
full with words of wisdom for us
like they know the way
way to progress of community
to a social state
they fight each other
in a useless fight
and just play their games with us

11. Walls

I'm a slave, all my life
sick and tired of living in a mud

And now i feel a brand new force
how it crashes the walls

I know that there
is other me
deeply inside
my crazy scull

Break down your walls

Dont be afraid
of your dark side
facing your self
can help you fight

Look inside, meet your thoughts
change what you don't like

The walls are everywhere
in your head and in mine
returning us to the stone age
just make us blind

12. Change your self

Funeral going on in my head
Lots of people came
To see my grave

When will you
Change your self

Half of them
Just came to see me dead
And other half
Are my drunk friends

When I look up in the sky
I know one day I'm gonna die
So I live my life the best as I can
I know what I believe in
Fast living

Play your role till it's end
Give it your best shot
Dont miss a second of your life

13. Zašto samo lažeš?

..zašto samo lažeš, što ne kažeš istinu....

Mašemo sa zastavama, sa osmijehom su mnoga lica
a nad našim bijelim gradom nadvila se delta krilca
molitva se crkvom ori, tamjan zrakom miris širi
a za mjesec dana radnih. bezvrijedni papiri
ulice imena starih. davno već su izvan mode
izgubljenu živu silu, nadoknadit će ptice rode.
Udri brigu na veselje, moći ćeš još kratko
jer uskoro nam dolazi dugo vrijeme ratno

Erupcija, korupcija, razglabanja, razlaganja
otpuštanja, dopuštanja, ubijanja, profitiranja

Tvoja prazna obećanja duge su rijeke sranja
zbog predstave lažnog srama neka padne tvoja glava