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Charlie Dont Surf

(2001) Ripping Thrash For Hardcore People
01. Nothing more terrifying
02. Everything ends (sooner or later)
03. Advantages of modern technology (part 1)
04. Advantages of modern technology (part 2)
05. Poisoned minds
06. Crack babies
07. Continue
08. Scene police
09. Bloodthirst
10. Fool
11. Unity? not with you!

01. Nothing more terrifying

Behind the door, behind the curtain
Under the bed, into the mirror
In the basement, in your darkness, in your dreams
Empty and silenced screams, this is it,
Nothing more terrifying, nothing else-
Just your hidden mind.

02. Everything ends (sooner or later)

I'm alone again, I've slept in cold again,
No one to hug, no one to hold
I've never felt so sick and old
I'm crying silent, tears inside my shell
Inside my own private hell
Horrible pain eats me from inside,
After all you said to me, am I lucky for being alive?
I've been through this before,
Won’t let it break me anymore.

03. Advantages of modern technology (part 1)

You have so many friends that call you night and dayHow to cope with all that?
Well now you've found a way.
Ring away million fuckin' times a day
You bought yourself a cellular phone
You wear it for all to see
You let it ring so I know
The line between you and me.

04. Advantages of modern technology (part 2)

I bought a beeper, I sold out.

05. Poisoned minds

I can't define those poisoned minds, anything you find
Just leave It behind.
See that scum—nazi one, beating blacks, Having fun,
It’s time for them to pay—fuck the KKK
Fascist pigs, hypocrites
Enough of your shit, we've had enough of it.

06. Crack babies

Crack babies shooting shit up their veins,
Bying time their future down the drain,
Down in the gutter everything stays the same,
We watch them drift by, numbers without names,
So easy to judge not wearing their shoes,
Got nothing to give, got so much to lose.

07. Continue

Centuries of torture, extinction of natural functions,
Humanity faded away.
Give me my mind, Give me my body, Give me my soul.
Constant pressure on freedom, uniformed individuality,
Condomized society.
I think, I live, I feel.

08. Scene police

What the fuck you lookin' at?
You don't approve of my looks?
I know you’re not my friend,
I know you try to be one.
Why don't you say it to my face?
I guess you can do it better.
I know you're not my friend,
You sure try to act like cne.
I know, it's "us" again, trying to be "different".
What the fuck are we trying?
Who do we think we're fooling?
You read us from the fucking start,
I really hope you'll win some prize.
Recognition—a task you've got,
Scene police is such a tuff job.

09. Bloodthirst

There's no forgiveness for my sins,
My soul is so unclean,
I'm so lustful and so mean.
I'm evil and corrupted, I'm rotten from inside,
Full of prejudices and false pride.
You’re so clean and full of cherish,
I'll teach you misery.
With me you’ll learn about the pain,
I am the predator and you are my game.

10. Fool

I’m a fool, I will never learn,
My eyes are blind, my hands are numb,
For iron I felt is gold,
My blood is filthy,
My heart is dead and cold.
I have been tricked again, drank poison as a cure,
My soul leaves me now, for the first time I’m pure.

11. Unity? not with you!

Always talkin’ shit ’bout unity
You think you’re XXX, but, here’s reality
With that new school metal
You've been tricked from the start
It’s a tucking pose, it ain’t from the heart
Nothing like it, used to be, nothing’s like before
Your scene is such joke, your music is not hardcore
Bunch ot macho shitheads, diving everywhere
I’m not a part of it, why should I really care
Cool tattoos and t—shirts, isn’t, all you gotta do
You’re not fooling anyone except those like you
Our movement should be social threat
Not a fucking trend
First you’ve get that point, than start a band.