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Definite Choice

(1994) At Last
01. Battle in my head
02. Strongest weapon
03. We're still alive
04. It' up to us
05. After all these years
06. Friendship, unity, respect
07. Arrogant attitudes
08. War or peace
09. Against the past
10. Where is the end?

01. Battle in my head

Stand up and get back
to the point wich reality is based on
Don't walk alone
with noone else there by your side!
Stand up for yourself
Don't walk away
Get ready to win
'cause you can't lose
The answers to all your questions
you will not find on the other side
It's in yourself hidden to well
so light and you will win the battle
See yourself in the reflection
of every bad thing you ever knew
How long could you last
with such a thought in your head

02. Strongest weapon

I'm maybe scared of what there is to come
but my mind is strong no matter how hard
It is
I prepare myself for all the ups and downs
I'll take it I'll survive at least I try
A lots of things tried to break my back and
put me down
They were all tuff and I struggled for my life
But thanks to my mind I'll always be
prepared for what fuckin life has in store
to put me through
MY MIND is the only thing I count on
MY MIND directing my life
MY MIND It keeps me this way
The day I lose it I lose my life
My mind is my weapon and belive me it is
It can't kill anyone but it keeps me alive
Directing all the ways that I'm going
It keeps me ready for any problem
Nothing puts me down as long as I have it
Belive me my friend thats what I know
And if you look deep inside yourself
you will understand what I mean

03. We're still alive

Always up for pushing us around
getting us deeper into the ground
Why don't we stand up & fight right now?
Many other nations showed us how
After all this time
beneath all this crime
Beliving what we say
we're here to stay

04. It' up to us

I'm listening .... to your message
but il seems to me you can't get it trough
That makes you go angry go on with rage
that's no solution not for me not for you
Solving the problem by talking is right
I think it's time you got it in your head
If you don't do that, there 'll soon be a fight
It goes on like that 'till someone's dead
I've had enough of this bulshit
I need more positive ways
I don't wanna hate no one
I think it's time for us to unite
Tune has come to act like we're grownups
to open our ears to what we have to say
It's sad enough we overfilled the ...
Let's to it right to be friends again!
Tune your brain to my frequency
'cause sometimes i talk to a wall
A little understanding from your side
It wouldn't be hard not at all

05. After all these years

I was thrown into hells kitchen
and was lost with no doubt
I had noone to turn to then
and there was noone there to love
So many problems I had to face
and no fuckin' friends to help me
It was a hard time for me to live
and to break lose from this prison
But as years went by I came better
I learned to live with this confusion
Everything around me was still new
and I had learned so much
I thought it was easy to learn
and to make new friends for me
but that was my biggest mistake
to think that I would make it so easy
After all this time I'm still strong
I didn't break down, I didn't fall
Even if I thought that I was wrong
It wasn't the truth not at all
experience made me what I am
that's what I'm proud of, that's what I like
As times went by I wised up
experience made me richer than ever
There's still some shit that I don't get,
but to be honest I don't care
Now I've learned to trust not everyone
and to give my friendship only to some
'cause noone's been what I've been trough
and noone can realy understand

06. Friendship, unity, respect

You talk 'bout unity, realy don't respect it
First of you've got to learn what friendship is all about
Not taking only for yourself but giving
some respect back
as long as you don't know that rule
you haven't the right to talk
FRIENDSHIP is what you don't have
UNITY you don't obey
RESPECT you don't learn
Sucker, we don't need you go home
Friendship is the only thing we have
that's why we keep it so sacred
you don't have a place in it
that's why you have to leave

07. Arrogant attitudes

You think that you're better in anyway
Don't fool yourself with such lies
I won't make a future that's what you say
That's a lot of crap in my eyes
You act like you're the smartest one
ignoring what we do or hat we say
For you life's just nother kind'a fun
That same arrogance comes back to you some day
Always knowing everything better
that's what makes you think that you're special
Why don't you admit it to yourself
that you're just as good as we are?
Not only books will feed your head
but lots of experience will to as well
Our lives are not good but also not bad
If they were like your's they would be like hell

08. War or peace

no text

09. Against the past

Healing yourself with the memories from the past
How long do you thing this process will last?
Much to long and painful, that's what I think
At the end the only hope you have will sink
Pictures of friends holding you tied
But forget them 'cause now it's time to fight
The thought of one life like that
You can't have it, it will only bring you pain
Living today with thoughts of yesterday
Your life will go down the drain
you better pray
Stand up for your life right now or else you
gonna be lost and to help I don't know how
Come up against the fears from the past
leave them behind, leave them in the dirt
to become dust

10. Where is the end?

This city is full of hate
It's filled with agression
ain't nobody here safe
loosing your life to some obsession
It's tensed, it soon will blow
You can run but you can't hide
Everything is based on lie
that's why noone's on your side
When does it stop? How will it end?
This corruption and all the crime
We gotta stand tall hand in hand
be brave and strong this one time
Open your eyes to see what's going on
Fight back for better times to come
Get straight with all the fuckin' scum
After all that we gonna say we won
If we get through all this
I hope we won't make the same mistake
It's our only chance to survice
and to go on with better times