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D.J. & the Wootchyak

01. Black dawn
02. Cut in a frame
03. Another shoulder
04. What is on schedule?
05. Army of ants
06. C'mon
07. On rails of suffering
08. Shit like you
09. Crashing brightness
10. Endless lies
11. Shelly
12. On the edge

01. Black dawn

In black dawn I saw sparks and desire in me
Like wild horses keep it in
Start to run to see, wanna dance with sparks
To see beauty up closer and to smell her hair
Then i heard explosions

And I feel all sides of love
Then I heard crying, I feel passion
Many things in such short time
Pictures I saw like view from above

And while I passing by her lips
I wish I have been made of stone
And while i touching her beauty face
I wish I had never been born

02. Cut in a frame

Think for a moment and will you try
try to change something when the pain is high
there is so much pain and you can deny
cut in a frame in the middle of your life

every second you realize
waiting for this moment you can deny
just one more second you stop and try
try to change something in the middle of your life

03. Another shoulder

Here comes him wearing child
on his shoulder feel that creepy moment
and suddenly you became older

he teach him to hate
to fire lamp in his world maybe is too late
search someone for another shoulder

lamp shine in dark
fall and disappear
and you see the ocean
made of his fucking bloody tears
and then you realize
that this is not only a dream
you know that child
and you also know him

04. What is on schedule?

Why do i have to be a psychiatrist for everyone
listen problems, post diagnosis
what is so tempting in my view
that gives you confidence, and makes you stronger

recipe for happiness
how to beat the sorrow
get of depression
what is on schedule tonight

with empty bodies, with empty minds
what is on schedule, what is on tonight

05. Army of ants

Firing from deadly weapons
breaking from tired lips
like an army of their ants
lost and scared without their queen

every one of them wants
wants to love with fear
wearing heavy chains
and hope for some keys to be revealed

scorching like meteors

flow into the womb quiet and discreet
like an earthquake shaking
humans are the most toxic bombs
that's ever been designed to explode

toxic bomb!
toxic bomb!

06. C'mon

Send me into the smallest nook
And then set the time
When moonbeam kiss the sea , and waves clash one another
You will see the reflections of me

When sun goes down, I will come around
C'mon rewrite my story into your world

Roll up the map and mark it with a line
C'mon make my route so mystic and dark

07. On rails of suffering

Train full of dreams and fears
With thousands of passengers in it
Seems like knife
Sharp, cold, fast and painful

Constant ringing with their screams

On rails of suffering
Often stop at my station

08. Shit like you

Your god damn lies and alibis
I'm sick of you and i feel all right
wait for a moment when you stop
stop to tell lies and alibis

one day or another you always lie
the shit like you lie in my eyes
one day or another you gonna pay
the shit like you will always stay

I always try i can’t deny but now i feel my pride
wait for the moment for all my life
I'm sick of you and I feel alright
your god damn lies and alibis

09. Crashing brightness

Let me out and gently close the doors
Erase - suppress
Don't blame on me, memories have fall behind
Drag them in under the skin

And I promise you, my heart is pretending
And I promise you my heart is still empty

My heart is empty and should remain for a while
Waiting someone to fill in
Pretending steady while I look in your eyes
I know you, oh darling I know

Why does it feeling it so hard
So hard to pretending
Why does it feeling it so hard
In my life

10. Endless lies

This endless lies I see it all the time
Another bullshit without no meaning
And every time this pictures become lies
Lies and insanity without feeling inside

Another time, this endless lies

One day is gone the time is passing slow
Just like slow motion burned my skin
And every time this promise become lies
It's just bullshit without no meaning

Now I feel broke but I will try to rise
From this nightmare it tears me apart

They sell you lies from TV you can deny
You watch the news every day
They fell important when they say
What the fuck they say

11. Shelly

Strange story about girl Shelly Surgeon Polly
The one who charmed her and won in her game
„Now you'll be my trophy“, she said
And her passion like lava flowing back

He didn't know he been tracked
Every inch of winner’s skin ending up on her wall
Her moment had a price
And it's exposed in her hall

What are you waiting for
What are you praying for
It doesn't matter 'cause Shelly cut with a lust
Collecting the trophy which isn't last
Slowly removed from winners body
Her love indeed became so bloody

12. On the edge

Desperation like disease spread all around
It's uncomfortable feeling like you hit the ground
But I don't understand what's really going on
We are going through the pain but we live in hope

You motherfuckers you don't understand
This life on the edge you cannot just pretend
You motherfuckers I want to watch you bleed
This is not the end of this game, we will fight as long as we breathe

Every day I still believe in changes
Another sleepless night but we can take it
And try to rise above, fight against them all
It's unthinkable