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(2000) Trax
01. As one
02. Breakin'
03. My best friend
04. Meaning of life
05. Better of this way
06. Could you be the one
07. This world
08. Got to belive
09. War
10. Dead game dog

01. As one

Everyday in every way I try
to forget this things
that are inside my mind
why can I be like you sometimes
if I walk away will it be alright
If I try to walk away from this
can I turn my head
can I see what I've missed
will I know the things
that I should know
all I know there's no one here
oh, it's you

We can be as one if we try it
we can make it if we want it
I'll be right here
just to make sure
you'll get through
all I know there's no one else like you

We can be as one
they can't say we can't make it trough
we can try to get away from this rain
we can be whole as one

02. Breakin'

Why can't you feel like someone good
why did you left yourself down
Why can't you go away
and leave me laying on the ground
Take all this joy away
Take all my happiness
I'll show no regret
cause you can't have my life

My life is my own
you can't have my life
my life is my own
I'm not breaking down
I'm not goin' crazy

Pour me out and tear me down
face down in this dirt
pins in my heart
break me and spin another turn
push me down inside
push me down bellow
I'll spit in your face
just to have some more

03. My best friend

Here we go now all together trying
to make something that no one made before
'cause we know now
since we where young and fighting
even than we could see it through
I't doesen't mean like i know
this is all you have to know

I know now you're my best friend
we'll be alright until the end

Now we grown up
all the years went by
maybe life ain't what seems to be
But it's alright there we'll be no crying
I got right here everything I need
it doesen't mean like one day
this is all I have to say

04. Meaning of life

What's the meaning of life
that's what's everybody tryin to find
you can find it 'till the end
You've never fight for what you belive in
you're just tryin to fit in
at the end you'll find out that you were wrong
Can't stand it anymore
you've always been alone
you know that something must be changed
How could you been so blind
not to see the neon sign
that said you got to change your way
Now the time has come
and you can see the light
the time has come for you to go
You can't change it now
the way you live your life
'cause now it's too late for forgivness
Now you'll find out
what's the meaning of life
that's what you always wanted to know yeah
We can't hear the tail
from a man who dies
so we'll never know the answer now

05. Better of this way

Thinkin' but the past lately, can not find right words to say
the only thing that come up is you
Tryin' hard to maintain still, tryin' to pretend i'm fine
I need some reason to go on

Time to awake and I must get up
gotta make it through another day
All this things stuck inside my head
thier confusing me they make me feel this way
Estranged myself now an empty shell
walkin' round like nomad without a clue
Should I act like nothing happened
or pretend there's nothing left for me to say
seem like I can't find right words to say
I can not belive I saw you'll walkin' out
you made me feel so low
made me wanna cry, took it all away
with reasons to give
I think you'll be better of this way
is it only in my imagion
when I say there's something wrong with me
or is it something that I can't explain
something inside that's been hurting me
How can I smile when I feel I sad
acting like it is sometimes the only way
gotta keep on thinkin' like that
the best of things are yet to come my way
just to make it through this endless day
How I want to make you suffer
how I need to feel your pain
at the same time I wanna show you I still care
Since, you're gone I can not sleep time moves so slow
but I'm running of out it
Triggered me from inside and now
it's to late to change me now

06. Could you be the one

In my life I laugh
In my life I cried
there's so many shity things
that screw up my mind
but than you came my way
I left it all behind
I thought that you were someone
that I need to find
Could you be the one
can you tell me please
could you be the one
Why can't you see
why can't you realize
the things that I say
the things that I do
why did you have to play games with my mind
couldn't you just give it chance
give one more try
Could you be the one
I can not take no more
I'm frozen and I'm gone
Could you be the one
can you tell me
Why can't you be somebody I want
how could you throw this dirt in my eyes
why did you walk away from my life
I just need someone to stay by my side
Could you be the one
can you tell me
could you be the one

07. This world

Walking through my mind
memories all around
lookin' 'round this room
seeing face of you
Is it only dream, can it be this real
wake me up won't you please
no I can't sleep like this
I'll hide behind my self
'cause this is what I am
if you don't wanna see
get away from me
Walkin' out on this world
walkin' out on everything
just to find some better place
This world won't break that's all I know
I'll be alright, I got my pride
this is what I found
stranger in my town
One thing left to see
all I have is me
Have I let you down
did I made you cry
can you feel like me
please don't ask why
I'll hide behind myself
'cause this is what I am
If you can't wanna see

08. Got to belive

There's got to be one life for me
this one I don't realy recognize
there's got to be some happiness
somewhere far, somewhere else
There's got to be one real love
'cause I don't think I know what it is
is it strange or is it nice
I can't seem to find it in this place
There's got to be one life for me

Got to belive

There's seems to be too much pain
too much tears and too much hate
I don't wanna waste my life
on past things that I'll regrete

09. War

War and destruction
misery and coruption
that's the world we are livin' in
The world of money and power
this world isn't ours
there's got to be a better place for us

I'm watching TV
just to hear another lie
asking myself
how far they'll go
I'm joing the army
just to lose another war
I don't even know
what are we fighting for

Riots and demonstrations
people looking for salvation
they are looking for a better life
but we are going down fast
and we won't stop
until we hit the ground

10. Dead game dog

I got a game
Dead game dog
what's going on
I feel no pain
I got a game
a dead game dog
I'm like a stone
and I don't care

It's better to burn out
than to fade away
livin' like a man
just for one day

this is the end
dead game dog
and you should know
dead game dog
one thing to do
dead game dog
one way to go
dead game dog