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Fried Brain

(2019) Fried Brain
01. Youth crisis
02. War
03. Spoiled brat
04. Sk8
05. Sleep
06. Religion
07. Lose it
08. Got no peace
09. Anti-sistema
10. Normalan nisam (anti otpad)

01. Youth crisis

Spent my youth sleeping on the curb
Spent my youth wasted
Spent my youth being like a rat
But hey Im fine with that

Youth crisis
Got me dead
Im about to explode

02. War

You turn on a TV
Your country is at war again
Its not really your fault
But your the one who will take the blame
If you dont want to fight
And dont expect that will make your future bright

WAR not making sense
WAR fuck that nonsense

Till yesterday you didnt know how to hold a gun
Today your ready to kill
The war has just begun
People die for the fucking state
We are all brainwashed
The war was a big mistake

03. Spoiled brat

Why does everything need to be your way
Why do you always need to be right

Thats just one thing that I dont know
But one thing that i know is your just useless

Its easy like that when your a spoiled brat
Living of of youre parents backs

04. Sk8

Skateboarding down the street
People laughing we dont give a shit
Trucks, decks and wheels its all we need
Dont bother us with stupid things

Cause we dont care about anything else
Cause we just wanna skate

05. Sleep

I wake up and do the same things
I wake up and hell begins
Why cant i sleep a little longer
Cause then everything is better

I wake up not knowing why
I wake up hungover all the time
I just want some sleep
So leave me be

I need sleep or ill go insane
I need sleep or Im gonna crash
I need sleep
Right now
I need sleep
I need sleep or ill go insane
I need sleep or Im gonna crash

Im too tired
Ill collapse
Sleep is my drug
So let me sleep

06. Religion

Everyday i listen about your fucking shit
I just want one day of liberty
But it looks like its just a myth
They say god also looks out for me
But i look at the sky and say
Fuck you see you in hell

Religion, no thanks

They want me to believe in god
The answer is no thanks i know hes just a figure
Convincing and bullying all around him
Dont be dumb thinks with your head
Or you will just end up another
Religious scum

07. Lose it

Walking trough my life with one foot in the grave
Looking for trouble but i just cant find it

Im addicted to this lifestyle full of plague
Its just too much fun

Im about to lose control
Im about to lose it
Lose it

08. Got no peace

My soul is at peace
But my brains full of shit
Every new day is even worse
Than the past one

Got no peace
Give me some beer
Got no peace
Fuck off you little shit

If you think i care about you
Your fucking wrong
So leave me alone
Because Ive

Dont bother me
Your annoying
I already moved on
So why do you force me to live in the past

09. Anti-sistema

Voi ci promettete un futuro più chiaro
ma quello che importa è solo il denaro
parole al vento menzogne su tutto
i nostri ideali avete distrutto

Mi sento sopprimere mi sento strozzare
fanculo il sistema andate a cagare

10. Normalan nisam (anti otpad)

Ženske nemaju gaćice, to je normalno?
Ženske nemaju grudnjake, to je normalno?
Još malo pa će hodat gole, to je normalno?
One žele da ih neko voli!

Normalno, šta je to? tko je danas normalan?
Normalan nisi ti, a nisam niti ja!

To je normalno? To je normalno?