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(1998) Stories We Tell
01. For what we stand
02. Outnumbered
03. We don't wanna fight
04. More than you had
05. Blind hate
06. I'm one to blame
07. F.U.R.
08. Until the end
09. Positive break
10. Hard times
11. Face the wall
12. Always a must
13. No friend of mine

01. For what we stand

You never see
what's the pain what's the anger
you never get it
in your mind in your heart
what's going on
you'll never feel on yourself
for you it's just
a mistery for all times
that's right close your eyes
don't see us suffer and die
go on show us your back
your face is false you just lie
high above you look down on us
you'll never know how it's down here
you'll never get the whole idea
of what we are for what we stand

02. Outnumbered

What is wrong you will know
everything man can't you see
no place to run no place to go
no place for what we wanna be
put down by violence and hate
being different's what we're all about
standing together it's not to late
standing together we all shout

03. We don't wanna fight

Words of hate start your fight
no wonder you belong to the hating kind
you don't make a difference wrong or right
we don't wanna hear it we don't wanna fight
hate gets stronger within
pain remains the only thing
violence a breed you create
we don't wanna hear it we don't wanna fight
everytime your fist strikes again
you release pain coming right back to you
you don't make a difference wrong or right
we don't wanna hear it we don't wanna fight

04. More than you had

what you see is what you get
you can't ask for more anyway
you have to start to appreciate
things you achieve all by yourself
nobody's there to give you a hand
to help you with the problems you have
this you have to do on your own
with no help from anybody else
wanting it all is too much
getting a peace is just enough
maybe now you don't agree
but soon you realize it's more than you had

05. Blind hate

So you hate everything that's wrong in your eyes
that's why you get anger pumping trough your veins
you've got poisoned with fucking blindness and lies
can't you see, it makes out of you something you're not
why do you let your life be ruled by something like hate
it only get's you to the point when it turns into pain
but then it's much too late for you 'cause you did it all wrong
why don't you try to think 'bout something more positive
what changes your life and wipes out the hate
you can't go on like that 'cause you won't survive
there will be a time when you crash into a wall

06. I'm one to blame

I admit i made mistake
i was wrong but what to do
i can't pretend it didn't happen
so i face the blame you give me
i betrayed the trust you gave me
made myself dead in your eyes
you have the right turning your back
what can i say nothing you're right
i accept the blame
for this betrayal
i did whe wrong thing
not only in your eyes

07. F.U.R.

(Definite Choice)

08. Until the end

Hitman is here with a message
clear for you to understand
can't you get it man we're like this
we don't change to be liked
we stick together... until the end
respect each other... until the end
we chose this way... until the end
no turning back... until the end
no anger envy or fucking hate
it's just pure fun we like it that way
so don't give me any of your bullshit
'cause we don't wanna end up being like you

09. Positive break

Understanding the reality
that's what it's all about
it's fitting all together
in place with no doubt
what happened is the past
don't bring it on again
let's see some new ways
go ahead my friend
let's burry the bad seed
forget the bullshit
let's make it positive with new deeds

10. Hard times

(Cro Mags)

11. Face the wall

Projecting a wall of power
around the lives we live
making us to slaves
to their so called cause
the destination is the end
instead of living we all die
face the wall
of fear that's coming on
break it donw
brick by brinck it falls appart
there is a time for us
the time is right now
only if we stick together
we'll stop this wasting game
we don't push our luck too far
if we just learn to resist

12. Always a must

Does it really matter who's the first
everybody got the same rights
you got no privileges because you started
it doesn't make you better than they are
always asking who's first or last
does it matter always a must

13. No friend of mine