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Issues Of Life

(2002) Melting Man
01. Colours at my will
02. The way i feel today
03. Get rid of me
04. Melting man
05. Receive the gift
06. Open those rusty gates
07. The wrong side
08. We went too far
09. Reproduction
10. Under the flag

01. Colours at my will

Maybe the last time,
In the closed eyes I reach the impossible
That's well known only to myself.
I draw the regions and men I'd like to see
And also arrange in lines colours at my will,
My mind is set at liberty and it's up to me
Do I want to start running or do I want to take wing

A wide look, but I winked again
At the contents of what I see, contents of reality
I still make a difference between wrong and right
I still make a difference between black and white
In spite of that my eyes can't distiguisg day from moonlight

Everything makes sense
So I gotta be devoted to the things I like
Nothing is easy but I have to find
A destination that makes the whole life self satisfied
A destination that makes the end quiet
Eternity and moment will always be above me
Anyway however old you are it's nice to be alive and free

02. The way i feel today

Another night I've spent dancing with the silence
My shadow floating the halls of emtiness
And every time I turn around crystal light disturbs the darkness,
Only gift from her, its not fair

Grey clouds above my bed
Grey images passing by
Pallid pictures in my head
And that's the way I feel today
I play with fire in the room we used to call our own
Wet by tears, full of ruinded dreams
Reflections of my soul

Nowhere behind those empty walls
There's no place for me to hide
Still recognize the circles, fragments of our lives
Sense of guilt my only friend tearing my life apart
While I try to collect the pieces of my broken heart

Rainwashed all traces and moments of happiness
All that is lef is your photograph and soul full of loneliness

03. Get rid of me

Men full of courage with hearts full of rage
Intesify their readiness for getting an important name
Before them wide open roads to the future stretch
How capable will they be to catch?

Often things are not they would like them to be
So swim below the surface just not to be seen
Life subordinates and bends down to the ground
Instead of spreading sights making narrower minds

Some kind of jail I'm placed in
The bars seperate them from my quiet sea
I'm not goinh anywhere, reputation isn't self-esteem
If I want real freedom I gotta get rid of me

04. Melting man

Tell me sincerely what you feel and
Do you even belive in what you see?
You, little man, will never afford
The strngth to reach yourself

A false wax-baby's smile
Is a proof of the weakness
At the uneven struggle between
Armies of imposed thoughts and ideas
Which march madly along hypnotized ways
Of your mind

Every touch with you, handful of new conceptions,
Makes one see the're galse prophets
That buy one cheaply from oneself
The final jerk of melting men

A beam of light that binds you to awoken mornings
Will never stop returning that time
When it was exalted to be one's own

05. Receive the gift

Finally I started breathing
There are days when I feel so fine
But still pushed pictures know to find
Quite A forgotten way to my mind

My eyes wander the streets, looking for missing shine
And maybe for someone who will disencumber me
The most precious words I kept for you deep in my heart

Neither have I seen before this beautiful gold sky at sunset
Nor been washed by the pale light of the dying moon
I didn't know how to listen to the whisper of the leaves
On the autumn wind
To enjoy the loneliness of darkness,
And love unpercivably, quietly, forever
Thank you

Receive the gift, worthy of your will
I give you all my dreams, simple little sceneries
And all past years finds
At my request take my whole life for a while

06. Open those rusty gates

Once again I said goodbye to all my thoughts and dreams
Figured it out that I'd been wasting all my life
Once again I walk alone among my enemies
Open those rusty gates and come along with me

Feels like I'm running from my fears
Distance is the reason for my despair
Feels like I'm running fthrough the shades of death
My state of mind is in suspense
One look in the mirror tells it all
So many times this has happened before

Right now I'm standing in a no man's land
Cold fire burns again in my head
Unable to play the game of chance
Feels like I'm running and I can't escape
Please open those rusty gates before it's too late

07. The wrong side

Wherever you go you will find the same
Evil that man can do to another man
Love is turned into hatred
But noon really seems to care

If you saw the wrong side
You would eat your word
Come to know that it's not
Like you thought

Wonder will you ever look through the window
Not closing your eyes facing the future

Just disregard what happened to goodness
There's no answer of what it's for

08. We went too far

It's over now; it's over it's done
I think we went too far,
And noone seems to wanna slow down
Look through the window thoughtful, alone,
Queer felling brakes the peace
Inconceivable room above us
Desires seem not to have an end

The fall extinguish horizon slowly
Time passes silence kills and it all repeats
Dirta landscapes became a habit
There are boards that always remain
Tired shadows stride by them
Thrown away and shapeless but however
They feel conscious of the challenge of their existence

Cold mornings, colder evenings
I feel the fingers of a passing day
Ramble the paths, being afraid of never touched dreams
I can hear you calling me but I'm still in two minds
Although I know I won't go far without you

09. Reproduction

Living day by day,
The only thing I'm sure to say
Sometimes gets good sometimes gets bad
That's something I can understand
I change my life again
Like the sun shanges night to day
Take myself the other way
Until I chance upon a barrier
It's all our imagination
That makes us still believe in some things
But there is reproduction and nothing more
Everything has been seen before
We're lucky we grow and replace each other
Some kids will go to our places. Rather!

There is no use trying
I van't see where my time has gone
Said once said twice but always the same
Yesterday's lesson is forgotten
I change my life again
Like the sun changes night to day
Take myself the other way
Until I chance upon a barrier

10. Under the flag

Under the flag of eternal defeat
I see the face and deep track on it
Do you see the same on mine?
Track of life

Under the flag of eternal defeat
I see the face and deep track on it
But if you ever got sight of that face
You wouldn't believe you would be suprised

There were eyes, never defeated
Still merry and nice

And every new pace always like the first
Gives the strength and stubbornness that seem divine
It's just a wish that overpowers anything else
A wish to survive and all to be fine

He is a man and must not give up
The spiritless ain't alive