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Mališa Bahat

(2016) Moments We're Lost In
01. .
02. Only in distance
03. A windy february night
04. Kids
05. Home is where i'll die alone
06. You are the reason

01. .

no text

02. Only in distance

Sometimes I walk through the rain
Repeating your words in my mind
Retracing them, to give myself some hope
Replacing them, to make them sound less painful

All I have left is daydreaming and sleeptalking
With you only in distance
For my arms are empty and your face is fading
It seems I'm falling

I'm falling apart of falling in love

After all this time

You are still here
Always here
Inside my head
And I still can't
Defy you
Despise you
Deny you

03. A windy february night

Treetops bending
on a windy February night

Playing with the thought
of opening a new door
a new light

Somehow I saw things
like I never wanted to see them

We are just like those birds
that we've fed the crumbs
of ourselves

we don't deserve this
we shouldn't do this

04. Kids

Do you remember that old cherry tree
And the places we could never reach?
Endless cuts and endless bruises
It was all in a day's work

Do you remember the brown staircase
And all the stories it holds?
First hellos and last goodbyes
And all the friendships that didn't last

Do you remember how at the end of the day
It was just you and me?
And now those days are long gone
And there is no going back

And it tears me apart not to see
Any more of that cherry tree

And it breaks my heart to see
That stains on our shirts
Upset us more than stains on our hearts

05. Home is where i'll die alone

Every hour, every moment I tried to save
Is drowned in the flowers that rot on my grave
I never wanted this. The sadness, it gives me no peace.
My emptiness, your cowardness, rip through my veins
so the silence remains
and the silence always comes through.

Every promise, every word you swore to keep
Those lies , that put me to sleep
Darkness fills these walls
Where the sadness feels like home

Keep me empty as my eyes
My dear, I hate you so

06. You are the reason

All by myself every day
Minutes grow to hours
As a good friend would say

Is it two this time
Or is it three
And how many more will it be

Every time I see you
Coming down from that train
Again and again i know

You are the reason I wake up
You are the reason I won't give up