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Mališa Bahat

(2017) split w/ Lack of Soul
1.. Lost
2.. Found

1.. Lost

things that make us laugh
things that make us cry
i still can't shake this feeling
that we are not born into this world
but against it

and it feels like every day
we found no meaning here
nothing to live for
but each other

and i am waiting for the day
this world starts rejecting us all
like the cancer we are

and then you and i can leave here
and live with those lost souls
in the place where our songs
will come alive

2.. Found

it's so cold again
autumn takes its place
cracks in the floorboard
whisper your name

it's the same again
sadness shows its face
ticking of the clock
whispers your name

it is them i see again
it is them that i fear
i won't let them have it
for you my dear

let another glance of your hair
and another touch of your hand
convince me once more
that it's all still real

that i am still not lost in autumn's grasp
that these dark days are not my last
to follow your voice through the hallways unknown
back to you, where it feels like home


whatever it is i have lost
in you i have found

wherever i was lost
in you i was found