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On The Run

(2006) Raised In Captivity
01. Freedom
02. Oblivion
03. Snow in august
04. My friend
05. Bitter pill
06. An episode
07. Anarchy
08. Spring song
09. I had a trip
10. 16 again
11. Longest list
12. Warm day in hell
13. Kiss the ground
14. Red star
15. Out of my way
16. Quick cumming
17. Samantha
18. Ephedrine scene

01. Freedom

I wanna know what is the taste of freedom, let's go!
Give me a drug, what if I don't have a perscription, come on!
I wanna taste of prozac and valium,
I wanna know what do you do it for,
I wanna know what is the taste of freedom.
Yeah, yeah, come knocking at my door, yeah, yeah,
feel the taste of my floor, yeah, yeah,
let's drill all my walls, yeah, yeah take off!
I wanna know why am I so angry, hey Joe,
is it because it ended up so badly before,
I wanna know how to get outa here,
wanna know what is like being me,
I wanna know what is the taste of freedom.

02. Oblivion

Oh, mother have you seen your son,
last twenty years ran trough his mind,
what is right, what is wrong.
Oh, brother did you win your fight,
you have your gun, all day and night,
raping girls and killing boys.
Have you seen today,
the sunshine is on your way
grab your gun and tell it to fuck off.
The sunm the sky,
the space the taste of life and death you own it all.
Oblivion, what you die for, that's what you die for.
Oblivion, that's what you die for, what you die for.

03. Snow in august

There's a fourth rerun of my favorite show,
And though it's summer the air smells like snow.
I wannder if you're watching, I am sure you are,
And our two lives have never been too far.
And once again I left the open door to the place
I was once before. Snow in august.
Southeastern wind at this time of year,
this means something to the ass like me.
Go away and come again, that's not very brave,
I know your punching the best way that you can.
And there was some blood on my door
and the spit was everywhere
and the sweat was on the floor.
I know I wasn't your prince on white horse,
but I won't fuckin cry,
and that's not why this remorse is for.
Snow in august.

04. My friend

All day I sit alone and I just moan
for people who got sick and who got shot.
Did we set our goals or are we all alone?
As if we did our best, we'll be better now.
You don't know what you are waiting for
and these days now are gone,
your faith is fucking wrong
so you listen to my song,
in a bus to hell there are no seats
we are men on the scene.

05. Bitter pill

I had another bitter pill,
I feel like this morning kills,
but then It's all cos' of you,
there's practicly nothing new,
I know it will never end,
just give me a hand here.
I will be here forever,
waiting for something better,
but getting the worse instead,
with my CD, table and bed,
wish you would turn off the light
and lay beside me.
Praying for nice weather,
oh, I'm praying to be together.
Praying to get you on the phone,
oh, I'm praying not to be alone.

06. An episode

Yesterday I felt so sad,
I just wanna stay in bed,
oh really, tomorow I'm gonna be fine.
It was raining the whole day,
It looks like it's time to pay for sins,
so many in my life.
The voice in me says:
"Stay in line, it's not your turn,
you have some more time.
The guys before didn't know
that their machine is gonna blow,
the last city that they are gonna see is yours,
and you'll hear them any second now."
Next morning I heard the news
about the passengers and the whole crew, is it fair?
Who's pulling the strings out there?
Today I continue my fight,
I'll remember that august night forever
the silence, the clouds and the rain.

07. Anarchy

I had dream I fuck you all this morning,
I had a dream of hijacking and robbing,
I wanna kick the ass of assholes praying,
I wanna kick the ass of children playing.
I had a dream of killing all soldiers marching,
I had a dream of killing all dogs barking,
I wanna hang people on the streetlights,
I wanna be Satan's little preacher,
I maybe look like hypocryt, doing nothing,
eating shit, and heavens waits for all but me,cos'
I belive in anarchy. I wanna kill the president,
I wanna be a circumstance, I'm 28 doing nothing,
but I belive in anarchy.

08. Spring song

All of these sunny days
bring back to me what good people we used to be.
Freshness if the springtime air
brings refreshment to me,
that's one great scene to see.
We were just kids, just kids,
with no problems and no needs,
going through streets and holding hands,
wish this spring could never end.
Every green leaf I love, it reminds me on your
All Stars you used to wear long ago.
Now, at this turning point, please try to see,
this might be your last spring with me

09. I had a trip

I had a trip to a distant schoolyard,
yellow leaves all arround
as a well known sound of Belgrade
spring morning feels my head,
I saw you standing on that yellow bed...
I also had a trip into a country where
no one lives but you, I landed there without a crew.
On that sunny morning the darkness of your eyes
made me completly blind, so fuckin' blind.
And we were watching those red cars,
belive in all our lies, you made me laugh,
you made me cry, you raped my soul,
and we were there untill the night,
but the next day you had to leave I had to stay,
it was over once again.
Next night I was trapped in my room,
those four walls were so cruel, so fuckin' cruel.
It fekt kuje death until you came,
your crunchy lips tasted like a flame,
they said to me that this was not a game.
And we were watching those red cars,
believe in all our lies, you made me laugh,
you made me cry you raped my soul,
and we were there until the night
but the next day you had to leave
I had to stay it was over once again

10. 16 again

Same thoughts run through my mind about you.
Four years ago we had four years to go.
Feel like i'm 16 again, oh yeah,
feel like, yeah I feel like i'm 16 again.
Nothing has changed I cut your name with same knife.
You're still a central figure of my life.
Feel like i'm 16 again, oh yeah, feel like,
yeah I feel like i'm 16 again.
Hey girl come here, you're so far but then so near,
I try as much as I can. I can't afford to lose you again.
Feel like i'm 16 again, oh yeah,
feel like, yeah I feel like i'm 16 again.

11. Longest list

I made the longest list
of people I hate the most,
they will cry cos' they will fear my fist.
I have a new phylosophy, and I'm a day loser,
that's the fuckin' best thing to be,
and it suits me best to me.
When jugement day arrives
my eyes will live in your heads,
the fear will come to your town,
the fear will come to your beds.
You made me a monster and I am not so blind,
it will be hard for you to find another of my kind.
Don't have to be a fortune teller
to see that you destroyed me,
oh, well it means nothing to me.

12. Warm day in hell

For the hundreth time the thought went through my mind:
"Why they come and go and I must stay?"
Just one more distress and I'll be a mess
cos' this is more than I could stand.
You don't look familiar at all
You think I'm scared cos' you got no clothes
Well you're wrong.
It's another warm day in hell,
just another warm day in hell.
For a thousand times I listen to your lies:
"forget it all, the life's so great."
I'm peice of shit, at least I admit,
go fuck yourself, and do your best.
You're not a person at all,
you are so small and I know that I'm wrong.
It's another warm day in hell,
just another warm day in hell.

13. Kiss the ground

I don't belive in faith,
I belive in me and you,
in my dreams you run from me,
in my life I'm afraid that's true.
Did you ever ask yoursefl
why did you get another chance,
well this time it's real life, not romance, just revenge.
Do you know what it's like to write songs
for someone that's not around,
it's like falling from fucking plane
and not knowing when you'll kiss the ground.
I've made so much mistakes about you and me,
but you've made even more, my life's a catastrophy.
Well this time I came to my mind,
but you're so fuckin blind.
At the end there's nothing left,
but these songs from time to time.

14. Red star

A million blinking lights on a night Belgrade sky
one moment one is born on another one will die.
But this one will never die, it glows in my heartbeat,
makes me laugh makes me cry, don't ask why I'm doing it.
I'll always love you Red Star you paint in red my every night.
Doesn't matter you lose or win and after your defeats I love you more.

15. Out of my way

I'm so happy to see your back in front of me,
you dont have to ask me baby it tastes so sweet.
I'll stick it savagely, I'll ask you politely:
"You motherfuckin' ashole baby, breeed, breeed, breeed".
I'll break your, I'll twist your, I'll kill your mother baby,
I'll break your, I'll kiss your lips! I'll break,
I'll twist your, I'll put you, my sweet baby,
out of my way.

16. Quick cumming

Hey every night I try to fight this feeling.
Down from my thighs and up to sky I'm squirting.
I wanna feel like Peter North, I wanna fly, I want it long,
30 seconds - my all time score. I hate this feeling,
I hate this feeling! I have a cock, a monster cock,
just feel it! Well cut it off and feed the dogs,
just feed them! I wanna feel like peter North
I wanna fly I want it long, 30 seconds -
my all time score I hate this feeling i hate this feeling!
Minute more, minute more, just one minute more!
Take off your pants and spread your legs,
give me romance, you give me the feeling,
I had it chainde until it's blue, untill one minute

17. Samantha

I always asked what is there for me,
is there a life waiting to be lived?
And there's an answer I never heard
if you wanna live, imagine you're bird.
Why the truth has always been so cruel,
yeah I'm no more in the mood girl to carry on.
You boys and girls who don't know how to live
I know you'll never be there for me.
We're all alone on our dirty road,
flyin' away will help you to reload yourself.
Why the truth has always been so cruel yeah,
I'm no more in the mood girl, to carry on.
What you do is what you say, and if you go,
than go away! What you say is what you do,
and all I say is FUCK YOU!

18. Ephedrine scene

Ceiling slowly melted by fire,
making wounds so painful and scared
making winds useless thery are hidden memories,
long time burried. suddenly I found warm place,
a distant land called Nowhere,
quick trails coverd by wind,
That is me, my face, my scream!
Ephedrine scene, ephedrine scene,
boys don't have to cry anymore!
Aincent forgotten felling up,
spindly making more room,
ancient knowlege and usefull skills,
dear Nature bing ,bang, boom!