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(2006) Technicolor Melodies
01. My turn to be a scum
02. Friendship goes a long way
03. Family tree
04. Handle with care
05. 1 of 4
06. Streets without a name
07. U.F.N.
08. Night of the broken hearts
09. Defeat
10. Can't make me hate you
11. Mine / yours
12. Hug

01. My turn to be a scum

It took up too much of my time you spending
final ounce of my respect and I just stood
and watched it die you drilling and draining
'til there's nothing left

So many time spent wishing I was
somewhere else but here wishing I could

I can't hang on to dead emotions I'm getting
tired of false devotion beig forced to grin,
playin' friends playin' deff and playin' dumb
now it's my turn to, to be like you
now it's my turn to be a scum

No need to make it too dramatic
It happens all the time,
friendship dies away
too late to call the paramedics
this patient couldn't last another day

Exchange condolences,
say something comforting
than say goodbye, well turn our backs
and never look behind

Just say goodbye, just say goodbye
with my first smile in a long while
let me make it sure you've got it right
so long goodbye

02. Friendship goes a long way

Mature years go by
but I should be more determined
like a child

In the terms - never fullfiled
in the roles - always insecure

Questions aren't heard
but the answers are dictated
and the words - once like firearms
now like useless blanks

Day for the final purge has come
our excuses reduced too low
forever forgiven - don't need them
friendship goes through the window
A long way!

Unpleasant wind raises up
breaking all that we've protected
and the dust - that barely scrathed my eyes
clears my view from accustomed lies

03. Family tree

I got a lot of stuff to carry in my bags
So you can take your pick from that
I've got twenty years worth of screwing up
And I ain't finished yet

Generation circumstance
Stop looking through my genes
to try and make some sense

(I'm tired)
And I'm tired of answering
For what I haven't done, what I fell into
My so imperfect family tree
Can't tell you why I do the things I do
(And make me inferior to you)

There's too much history to try and figure out
And I would rather start from scratch
I won't stand accused for no one's sins but mine
So don't try to make a match

Generation accident
We're just a random mess, a flaw in the percent

04. Handle with care

"Sublime nature is everything"-she says
she collects the words
just to insult my kindness
and every time she looks with disbelief

Forget the senseless, stupid phrases
remember all that comes together
the days, the tears, temptation, the fears

"The truth sometimes badly hurts"-she yells
she recognizes the thoughts
when everything goes downstairs
a new wrinkle shines on my face
...o.k...o.k... I got it right!

Give me just one of this things
I'll keep my mouth shut, I do, I swear
for every doubt take a long, long smile
handle with care just for a while
give me just one of this things
I'll keep my mouth shut, I do, I swear
for every doubt take a long, long smile
and handle with care

05. 1 of 4

Hey, what a beatiful smile
the smile so pure I already felt so alive
now freeze that moment for a while
I wanna drown in your eye
just have the faith, little is enough

And with the father, son and holly ghost
I'll carry out what I want the most

1 of 4
you've got the honour to inherit the secret
don't rest on, don't rest on
I'll offer more
my conviction that everything's made for the show

Hey, hey, what an interesting face
the face so pure that fethers my obsesive design
are you ready for disgrace?
a perfect time, a perfect place
don't try to stop me with your trembling hands

And with conviction, he who forces wins
I'll trade my prayers for the cardinal sin

pretend, pretend, you must pretend
turn your sadness into joy,
heart into stone
and sweet into sour
you, re 1 of 4...

once alone, now one of us
please, help me...
hide me behind the cross

06. Streets without a name

Lost in this town, in decorations
in these cosmetics that hide my way
wondering 'round in desperation
upon the streets without a name

Searching for signs of recognition
for something to hang on
finding that is wishing
for most of what I've known has gone

And I rarely take the bus downtown
i'm getting tired of chasing ghost's
and walking on the burial ground

Gone today
and there's no tomorrow for memories
well, what's the use, it don't exist

Tearing everything down without emotions
killing the spirit with plastic and steel
building monuments to perpetual motion
leaving me to choke in it's cheap appeal

And I can't see the sun behind these walls
no more pearls for the swines
at the end of the line
just raising shit up only to make it fall

07. U.F.N.

Can't see it in strangers eyes
sometimes far enough, sometimes intact
I dream for nights
better lenses of confidence
while distant dreams and possibilities
I compare for days

Can't move from this "all time sales"
gonna make my moves before it breaks
breaks yeah !

'Til further notice,
I collect rare pieces of bravery
to watch out for me
'til further notice
I gather stabile material
to build new kind of youth
Until further notice
daydreams protect every hope from the truth

08. Night of the broken hearts

Hot summer rain comes to ruin my day
and it feels so pathetic
when I look outside it makes me wanna hide
in the darkness of my attic

Situation was fine I was feeling sublime
nothing to cry about
but then the song came up with the drops
and it knocked me out

It seemed so stupid
but I had to shut the lights
close my eyes,and let go...

Put on the loners brigade
and the sad songs they play
ringing in my ears
I will celebrate their tears

champions of love
and the rainy skies above
pour some wine and it can start
the night of the broken hearts

Nothing left to say now it's time to play
time to stand up and spill your guts out
time to set the tune to the late afternoon
let riie sunset scream & shout

And we will keep marching on
to our broken songs
broken hearts and broken glasses
and you are on our team
'cause we carry the dream
we'we got ihe same looks on our faces

Let's share a moment
for all the souls abandoned
we all drown in the same waters

09. Defeat

Say, can you feel it
Can you hear the world put to sleep
By indifference and defeat

We stand united under the flag
It's ripped and torn apart
But still it's shining white

There was not a word
No paper signed stamped,
filed, classified
But everybody knew
That there's nothing left to do
but sit and wait to die

Do you still believe
That there's hope along the way
And we could make a better place for ourselves

But I remember when we believed
Everything would turn out fine
If we give it rime...

Please don't say a word
Just let me drink my coffee till I die
I don't wanna move
I just feel so helpless, sad and paralized

Do you still believe
That there's hope along the way
And we could make a better place
for ourselves

Were we so naive
When the world was bound to change
When we admit defeat

10. Can't make me hate you

You don't need much to be provoked
throw a scream and grab me by the throat
go bellow the belt with sticks and stones
we could carry on

Or we could talk about it
say our sorries, would it be alright
there must be better ways to spend the night
then making up excuses for a fight

Can't make me hate you 'cause I love you
can't make me get enough of you
I'll never hate you, I don't want to
can't make me get enough of you

Let me help you make some more mistakes
let me give you something you might break
you crucify me every now and then
wanna do it again?

11. Mine / yours

End is here and truce declared
routine has gone, now I'm learnin'
certain rules and what's my share
in this brand new game of hurtin'

Comfort... with mistakes...
perfect lies we can't hide

That's mine this is yours
Now nothing is placed where we belong
new order or words rolling on
and on that's mine this is yours

Free at last without conclusion
the hardest part - we're still waiting
how to accustome to confusion
in this world that we're creating

Stunned...with wounds...
with suffer on each side

12. Hug

Once I lost my calm
I guess I was runnin' from yesterday
on that longest way
now that I round my trail
the road is clear
let's make everyday a perfect day
I know you'll wait

Now everything said
and all is in the perfect match
with everything we've done
my fingers are lost in your hair
you're my fortunate one

If you could expend your arms
make me fortunate one

Only thing I admire
is a simple hug - worth of dying
heart full of desire
it's overflowing my love mug...

Just give me a hug!