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The Socks

(2011) New Wind
01. New Wind
02. The joy
03. Rasta soul
04. With you
05. My ghetto my home
06. Message from above
07. Departure
08. She's calling you (Bad Brains cover)

01. New Wind

Is there a way to end this fight,
Is there a way to break on through?
Entire nation to unite,
Oh, it has to start from you!
On the wing of new wind,
Righteous eternally!
Blow away the past sins,
Enlight the future for you and me!

The new wind!
Igniting love so sacred!
One truth!
Of everything on this world!
And it’s real!
Jah people re-connected!
A free will!!
To all of you so be no fool!

Couldn’t believe this,
‘till I’ve seen with my own eyes,
So much hatred,
Nothing left but burning skies!

One world – one heart,
Forever – spreading Jah love!

Soon the day will come
When all that’s been hidden
In deepest levels of every man soul
Both the bad and good, fine things,
Will flow out and be visible to others.
The difference between the wicked and Rasta,
Will become so obvious
that no words will have to be spoken.
And then, the ones that live the eternity
On the roads of righteousness
Will finally get their places in heavens!
Jah Rastafari!

02. The joy

My angels swing back and forth in my head,
listening to the sounds you make.
They make me happy and sad
I know that words can't fill the gap between our hands
but I'll always try to hold you in the circle of my favorite friends.

Sometimes you approach me with a smile
give me a hug and it last for a while.
The best two seconds of the day
the whole new kingdom I am the king!

One day we will breathe in together!
Our feelings will show us the way!
Freedom of being the ones we are!
The joy of loving you again!

The strangest thing that can happen to a man
they come so unexpected but it's ok.
'Cause when you made your precious space in my life,
I said to myself that you're the one who's there to stay.
Sometimes I approach you with a smile
give you a hug and it makes me high.
The greatest feeling I can get ones in me I get addicted!

03. Rasta soul

I see dem coming, they mean no good to me, no.
Those evil men just building the walls.
In between us, to part and bring me down,
I try and try, but the hatred grows!

Although I live by the Holy Bible, wohooo,
certain to never ever do nah wrong,
dems just always treat me as no equal,
giving their best to inprision my soul!

Dems use their money to buy it all that they want,
never believing in brotherly love.
In such a world there is a place for me, too,
but I & I don’t wanna play that role!

My Jah is good, and I won’t fail him, no, no!
I’ll take the path that the righteous go,
find the shelter in the holy mount Zion,
‘till the day comes when he’s back on throne!

Oh, Jah!
I’ll never stray from the path of yours!
Oh, Jah!
One day, I know, you shall embrace my soul!

Rasta soul, rasta soul..
Rasta soul that can take no more!
Rasta soul, rasta soul..
Rasta soul that can take no more!

04. With you

Years ago I fell too low,
had some problems that I couldn’t solve.
I felt real bad, it made me mad,
“I need some time” was all that I said!

Wasting youth, to tell the truth,
was everything that I did at the time.
And then you came, it looked like a game,
It all started to make sence again!

I found much strenght in those days so gray,
now or never I’m gonna find my way, ‘cause..

With you! My path’s so clear today!
So true! It doesn’t look like the end!
And I do! I got that touch again,
for everything that I used to do,
so I’m just trying to say Thank You!

I got stuck so many times,
felt over and over, it all passed by.
Although righteous was what I lived like,
my concious kept squeezing my tie!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a punk,
but I just don’t want to live like one!
The moments we spent lighted my fuse,
I know I’ll succeed, I know what to do!

Those days of before will never come back,
today nor tomorrow, no, never again!
I have to admit it, you help me se,
and don’t you hesitate, but 1 – 2 – 3 go!!!

05. My ghetto my home

Did you ever wonder how free you are,
when you all realize how much they lie.
When they say that we all equal
it's just excuse they use to abuse.
They stole our hope and burn all bridges
and all I've left is singing this blues.

I think of past I see the great fire in the sky
I don't think of future 'cause the future is now.
I'm a proud man walkin' through this ghetto all alone
through this ghetto all my people call home.

06. Message from above

Oh well, Rasta is the name!
Oh well, outta continent!

Most significant not to elide,
Amazing beauty of ones own,
And as the time passes by,
Spirit just won’t stop to grow!
So lots of them so unaware,
So lots of them so scared.
A real deal this is, you see
Message from Jah delivered!

Eternity to comprehend,
A day enough to lose the faith,
Dreadful is for whom you bend,
Destination Babylon land.
Walking tall and talking proud,
Always glorify His name,
Sending message from above,
Love each other, seek no fame!

Just rise above those clouds,
Dems rain won’t ever stop.
Just rise above those clouds,
They’ll never know who you bow.
Seek dem hights upon dem Zion,
Seize and fight eternity will come.
Seek that sight path to lord, path to Jah.

07. Departure

As this world slowly changes its' colors,
life sears down, oh can't you feel it today?
I see our sun getting ready for departure,
and I'm afraid it won't come back again!

It's time to move and it hurts deep inside,
another winter on the rise,
the dreams are swept away,
a real privilege and that I can't deny,
but what we've done for now will have to stay!

Like never before,
strong feelings overflow my mind,
right now I'm fine, but tomorrow I'm dead!
Summer has passed and I leave a lot behind,
thinkin' of you every time I go to bed.

I know I gotta go, but it feels real hard!
Sometimes it gets so cold when we're apart!
And if it weren't for you,
I'd be someone else!
But I know, I know, I know we'll get another chance!
Never! Never! Never! Never before!
I know I gotta go and ooohh I love you so!

08. She's calling you (Bad Brains cover)

She's calling you.
Floating up the street synthetic sounds are sweet.
To everyman I meet, this is how I greet.
Did you get that call? Or were you not at home?
Little chance you'll miss. Just steady on your phone.
I know you're glad. Wisdom's not sad.
She's calling you...
Vibrating cosmic waves, spirit electricity.
Kaleidoscopic treat. In the endless sea.
Is there one for all. Inseparable to no other.
One voluntary kiss keeps contemplating home.
I know you're glad.
She's calling you.
She's calling.