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(1998) Death In The Cradle
01. Enlightenment
02. Fall
03. Circle
04. Slip away
05. Jealousy
06. Get it back
07. Point
08. Again
09. Silence
10. Suffer/alone

01. Enlightenment

I saw you all in fetters
tied up around your wrists
Bound by the chains of enslavement
Soul surrendered to some who
does not exist

I saw you in a prison of your own
With the spirit left to wither behind the bars
Unlock the doors of your mind
The ones you try to find lie deep down inside

I saw you following divine light
Words of prayer slip trough your lips
Bow your head down to the ground
Kneel and beg for forgivness

02. Fall

As i erase your name from my schedule
My thoughts fly back in the past
Thinking how many names i've enrolled
And how many have faded with time

Another body falls down to the ground
But struggle continues on and on...

03. Circle

I can't wait for circle to complete
I can't wait for you to feel the same
I can't wait for that little spark of regret
That won't allow you to forget

No, i won't try to understand
And i won't even bother to forgive
You said it hasn't got anything to do with love
Well now there's no love in me...
...you killed it...

Love is gone.. trust is gone...
...i am gone

Circle will never end
It will come back at you one day
I am praying for the moment
When shame will eat you away

04. Slip away

I thought time would eat it away
I thought it would be gone with the next day
But it just wakes with me, it grows with time
I was running in a place away from this shadow of mine

Twist my arm 'til i scream in pain
I should've let the past slip away

Years passed, yet i can still feel it
Like the sour taste in mouth that won't go away
I carried the fear of loneliness, fear of suffering
But the fear of suffering is so much worse than
suffering itself

...Let the past go...

05. Jealousy

Tighten the rope around my neck
Stab the knife into my back
Kill this fire that burns within me
Hang the jealousy

...And it's like it adds more and more weight on my back
Like it puts the rope all around my neck.
And i'm losing my breath, my heart cease to beat
As it moves away the chair from under my feet

Footsteps in the snow are covered with flakes so fast
But there are no flakes that could cover the jealousy
And put my mind to rest

Kill this throught or it will kill me
Please put the rope around my neck, set me free
Release me from my fear... set me free...
Kill me so that i could kill this jealousy

06. Get it back

To scared to trust again
So many times things went downhill
Afraid to extend a hand
I touched a flame which left it's seal

Get it back

So hard to get it back
What was once torn apart
To fill up the holes, to heal the wounds of my heart

Can I get it back?

07. Point

Do you need a beautifying mirror
Obeying servant to call your own?
Your heart's not cold, it's not even inside
No room in your eyes to run to, and hide

Gladly seen when we have a purpose
It's not a matter of "if", it's "how" i can be used
Have no regrets, lets talk about morals
Doubled up standards, and circus of lies

Do you need a magnifying mirror
Blindly obedient, used on and on?
Your heart's not cold, it's calculated well
Use and abuse, reject and sell

08. Again

I swear you won't see me down again.

09. Silence

I replaced yesterday for tommorow
I turrned happiness into sorrow
I killed the sun, and put moon on the sky
"In death I live, and in life I die..."

If love's a castle of sand, then i'm the wave
If happiness is in life, I'll find it in grave
I speak with silence, I sing through cries.
"In death I live, and in life I die..."

Silence knows when you're not around...

10. Suffer/alone

It's comming back again
What I thought was forgotten long ago
Film rolls once again and torture me
I can't play that role no more

...And how damn now, I need you'r hold
Don't let me go through this alone

I just can't open up
Can't watch you suffer for me...
'Cause i know, if i fall in sorrow
You'd leave everything and you'd follow.

And you'd save your last breath for me...

...So I buried it deep inside
Where no one could find...
...But i just wish i did...