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(2000) Sunday Neurosis
01. De profundis
02. Sunday neurosis
03. Just shut up
04. Done
05. Eleven fiftynine
06. Molchanie
07. The untitled
08. 17.08.1987.
09. Freedom?
10. Hands
11. Killed
12. Just
13. Daughter
14. Nothing
15. Dying man
16. Jesusantichrist
17. ...but why wouldn't state die for me?
18. The dead

01. De profundis

all alone in this house
locked up in its empty room.
convicted on a trial of my concience and my guilt.

hungry and thirsty...fragile...
abandoned on the floor of this bottomless pit
prohibited (...): its shame...its filth...

there withers 'society rejected' my second face:
thoughts forbidden to be thought...
words not allowed to be said.

all alone in this house,
forgotten in its empty room.
locked up in this cell of bones,
immured inside its skinny walls.

02. Sunday neurosis

i took of the mask from the mankind,
the smile has fallen from its lips.
the face remained disfigured by boredom and pain,
only a ruin infected by sunday neurosis.

i teared up the suit from the mankind,
looked at the naked body that's left.
only corpse...contour of something
that once was a being:
mentally destroyed...
tortured by nervousness...
controlled by hatred and fear...

i walked down the bottom of the mankind,
passed by the slaves...statues...machines...
(i saw) only fear...life suffered in fear left
an empty shell, dead name, a nuber: z e r o.

03. Just shut up

males authority? harassment?
discrimination and lies?
common sense questions,
seeing the world with open eyes.

no girl, you don't have to think,
except about clothes and make-up
brain is danger for your femininity
so, if you've got a question just shut up?

be a doll in a shopwindow
your mission is to decorate.
with sincerety you're losing your attraction,
playing roles gives you satisfaction.

well, fuck tradition,
and the myth of a dolly look.
they ordered you submission
written in a holybook.

...we're not the same, but our rights are...

04. Done

my hands are tied on my back...
...burn...get fuckin' burned...

rip off this wire, hurt your hands...
rip off this wire, feel the pain...
let the blood run, end this shit,
it must be done...
must be done...
be done...

05. Eleven fiftynine

mother's singing a lullaby for her unborn child.
father's rocking an empty cradle...
it's eleven fiftynine...
they pray to god, but he cannot see them
from all the city smog.

with the handcuffs on his wrists,
a man falls to the ground.
he screams for help, but to god only comes
truncheon's dull sound.

a priest stands in front, of the mirror
and his reflection just shows
businessman in uniform...

...and the salvation churchbells ring,
but god doesn't hear the difference,
between the churchbell
and the police sirens...

06. Molchanie


07. The untitled

never felt it,
never wanted it,
never understood it.

like i failed a test,
for wich i never got a chance to pass.

i won't pretend,
i won't lie,
never again play the roles you disigned.

i just want to catch the light,
that is always around me.

to break free
from the weakness,
'caused by human sickness.

to feel free with no limits,
to feel just the feeling of freedom.

thanks to hard times
that left seals,
which made me get up from my knees...

...i caught the light, that lights the night
and never goes away

08. 17.08.1987.

all the candles have burned out,
and all the roses have withered.
once sweet and beautiful taste of lifetime,
turned into sour and bitter.

...and i can't remember sound of your voice,
i don't remember colors of your eyes.
picture got yellowed and the hope that
you will knock again slowly dies

i want to tell you how much i miss you,
but the words just bounce back from the frame.
i need to give you so much more than a rose,
which i lay down on your grave.

...and she's left alone in sadness,
with your shadow around her, to fill up empty space.
and i know how hard it is, she tried to hide,
but I saw wet reflection on her face.

all the candles have burned out,
all the roses have withered.
all the meanings and wishes for this life,
are gone in the night of the seventeenth.

09. Freedom?

from birth to death...from childhood to an end...
they teach us how to act.
from family to school...
now i am just a brainwashed fool...
who will blindly follow their rules.

false rebellion crushed in the army
learn only how to shoot and kill.
learn how profit is the only freedom,
...we're the same little people...

sexism, racism, fascism.
speciesm, nationalism, patriotism.
capitalism, capitalism

chainded by the state...but they claim free will,
to choose how to live our pathetic lives.

if that's freedom, i'd rather be dead...

some people say we can find a better way
and place inside ourselves.
but how can i shut my eyes,
when i hear human and animal cries....

there's no freedom for only one person.

10. Hands

with extended hands, beg for survival,
shining blink in their eyes discovers their hunger.

...and we just look the other way.

in the streets they are forced to freeze to death,
barefoot and naked, crying for help.

...and we just look the other way,
trying to avoid eyecontact.

11. Killed

we live just to survive,
and we desperatly try to stay on the surface,
and to brathe some air that will keep us alive.
...But we're already dead!

and savior won't come to heal us,
with the touch of his hand,
no! he cannot come for us
cuz we're already dead

our culture is killed,
by the poverty of this insane times,
and we're alive just to witness
the punishment for "our" own crimes.

we live just to survive,
wiped out from the world maps,
as the trail of our culture vanishes
somewhere in the distance...

...forgotten we die!

12. Just

you expect me to follow your sick science.
you thought that i'd be impressed by your ill ideas
your irrensponsible mess is not getting my support,
you're still living in illusion of your promised future

my life is just beginning of your death...

when this brainwashed generation gets to the point of total

when the food you eat starts eating you,
when you realize that internet is the only friend you have.
when cloning you made put the human race to fade,
you'll that

...my life is just beginning of your death...

...and when i feel this smell of death
installed in my life by you...

13. Daughter

little child cries awake at night,
and i know she'll noever feel safe again.
world falls appart right efore her eyes,
and she feels his rough hands covering her eyes

little child cries awake at night,
weeping and grasping her pillow so afraid.
praying and praying until turns into screams
as she feels his touches all over her skin.

little child layes naked in the bed
clothes torn into pieces... blood all over her legs.
her body shakes... another person is born,
child no longer exists... innocence is gone.

14. Nothing

i am the fury that drives you to kill,
the knife that wants to feel the blood
i am regret that sleeps on your heart,
and i came to rip out its parts.

i am the fire that awakes your hunger
the rapist who wants to hear your screams.
i am the sorrow that rise when someone dies,
and this little tear that runs over your skin.

i am despair that pushes you in that corner of your room
and yes, i am the one who blocked all the ways out.
i am deception that wants to taste forbidden lips,
and i will take it with you...
...or nothing...
i am...nothing.

15. Dying man

just close your eyes and pretend not to see,
put your hands over ears, and try not to hear
just live your miserable life, hidden in your shell,
paint this picture of heaven in your head,
and close the door of this hell.

pay no attention to all the screams that you hear
these are only cries which are deafening your ears.
look through the dying man as you pass him by
push him away and just let him die.

...and don't pray to god, 'cause there is none...

16. Jesusantichrist

just heard for a man who killed himself,
...he had the same name as i.
just heard for a man who killed himself,
...he had the same name as i.

we never liked eachother...
we never talked to eachother
...i've seen him only when it rains...
we despised eachother,
wished whe death to another...
...everywhere he walked his steps were leaving bloodstains...

just heard for a man who killed himself,
...he had the same face as i.
just heard for a man who killed himself,
...that man was i...

we never liked eachother...
we never talked to eachother,
...his shadow was the night...
we despised eachother,
wished the death of another,
...and now hanged, he laughs at me from the mirror...

17. ...but why wouldn't state die for me?

place your hand over your heart,
as you listen to this sound that kills.
now, look upon the memorial and read,
all the names and lives that this sound steals...
...turn this sound that kills...!

raise your head up proudly
as the flag that divides rises into the air
then look in the eyes of all the children,
whose fathers you've placed in the graves...
...burn this flag that waves...

feel the importance of war medals,
as you put on the uniform stained with blood.
now explain to your children that these medals
are rewards for mass spilling of human blood...
...rip apart this uniform stained with blood...

18. The dead

it's so cold and wet under the ground...
it's so quiet and peaceful when there is

what we were, you are now
what wea re now, you will be...